Final Assignments

March 29, 2020 - May 29, 2020

Assignments will be posted on Monday mornings by 8AM. Many of these classes are electives, but several core classes have posted instructions on here as well. Students should check with their teacher if they have additional questions.   Teachers are listed alphabetically, click on the blue links to access files.

Bush, S. -- Agriculture/Welding

Corbin, M. -- English II

Etheridge,L. -- Digital Design (Yearbook)

Gottardo, R. -- English III & Intensive Reading

Lee, J -- PE Workout

McClain, D -- Spanish I & II
Worksheet May 11-15

Mincey, A. -- Geometry

Powell, J -- Hope/PE

Rockwell, A. -- Culinary I-IV 

Skinner, D. -- Ag Foundations

Somerset, A -- Reading

Somerset, H. -- Digital Design/Digital Info Tech

Steverson, V. -- Art 

Walton, J. -- Biology

Ward, R. -- Drama/Chorus

White, P. -- PE