Power Hour

September 15, 2017

HCHS is excited to offer opportunities for students to receive additional help from teachers during school. We are calling this effort POWER Hour!

POWER Hour is designed to allow students 30 minutes for lunch and an additional 30 minutes to see their teachers for additional help as needed. Teachers may require students who have missing assignments or who need to make-up a test to do so during one-half of POWER Hour. One-half of the teachers will be available during the first half of the hour and one-half will be available during the second half of the hour. (An effort has been made to make available teachers from each subject area in each half hour.) Office hours are posted on teachers’ doors.
In an effort to protect instructional class time, as much as possible, Homeroom, club meetings, class meetings, and other activities will be scheduled during this time as well.

HCHS remains a closed campus for lunch. Parents, we need your help keeping your students from leaving campus during this time. Homeroom will meet during this time as needed to distribute information to students regarding various activities. This will be especially important to Juniors and Seniors.

The Media Center will be open during the second half of the hour.

Lunch will be served during the first 45 minutes of POWER Hour so that student have time to get help and eat and not be tardy to their 5th period class.
We appreciate your support with our efforts to increase student achievement!!

P – Personal
O – Ownership of my
W – Work
E – Every day is my
R- Responsibility

If you have questions please feel free to call the school.