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Scholarships 2020-2021

Scholarships 2020-2021


Florida Student Scholarships (15 scholarships availale) -- visit to download the newsletter.  Please enter email address at the bottom of the page to receive this newsletter with info on all scholarships.
Includes the following:
SP High School Scholarship ($10,000/10 Awards) Deadline January 31, 2021

Union Plus Scholarship ($4,000/100 Awards) Deadline January 31, 2021

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship ($10,000/100 Awards) February 1, 2021


Lloyd Rhoden Agricultural Scholarship -- 2 scholarships award based on the following criteria:
1. Has indicated throuth 4-H, FFA or related activities a sincere interest and potential ability in the fields of agriculture.
2. Plans to enter an institution of higher learning in the state of Florida to study some phase of agriculture.
3. Has achieved an acceptable senior placements core and acceptable grade point average in high school and maintains acceptable academic standing at the institution(s) attended to contunue receiving the stipend.  The recipient must maintain continuous enrollment with not more than one semester or summer off between two consecutive terms.
4. Changing majors in an area outside of agriculture related area during the scholarship period will terminate the conditions of the scholarship award and the funds will no longer be granted.
Completed forms must be returned to the North Florida Fair Association (441 E. Paul Russell Road, Tallahassee, FL 32301) by February 8.  Forms available in the library.

Mediacom World Class Scholars -- [email protected] -- $1,000 -- Deadline February 15, 2021


ACT Test Dates

ACT scores may be used for high school dual-enrollment, Florida Bright Futures Scholarships, as concordant scores for state testing, and ultimately as a college-entrance exam.

Students register online at

Dual Enrollment

Requirements for Chipola College Dual Enrollment

The schedule for Spring 2021 is now published on

November 9th -- Registration, current students with 30+ hours
November 10th -- Registration, current students
November 16th -- Registration, new students

Mrs. Thompson will still submit course vouchers (and new DE student paperwork) through email.  

Students will NOT need to go to Chipola College to register for Spring 2021.  If students would like to come to Chipola to discuss possible classes for Spring 2021, please make an appointment with Karen Hall (850-718-2424).

* Must meet eligibility assessment scores:

ACT 17 19 19
PERT 103 106 123
SAT 25 24 24

*Fill out application online at:

*Meet with guidance personnel to fill out required paperwork and schedule classes

*Take required paperwork to Chipola College to register

Student Services Staff

Student Services Staff

Gilda Kelly
Guidance Counselor
[email protected]

Carrie Thompson
Curriculum Coordinator
[email protected]

Sharon Griffin
Guidance Clerk
[email protected]

Jody Richardson
Data Clerk
[email protected]